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Carfix Unisafety Easy Travel Magnet Harness

Designed as a vest, with magnet buttons located at the front. The magnets can only be undone with an additional device (a magnetic key, or conventional magnet).

It can be placed on the person before entering the vehicle and includes an anti-submarining strap.

The harness can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle and must be used with the vehicle seatbelt.

The vest is 90% cotton and 10% viscose.

The warranty period is 2 years calculated from delivery date.

Important information for parents: The Carfix Unisafety Easy Travel Magnet Harness is a specialty product designed for occupants with disabilities and medical conditions. This type of product should be prescribed by an allied health professional, such as an occupational therapist and physiotherapist.

This product is supplied by specialist disability suppliers and there are legal requirements to comply with when using it.

Postural support

Supplier information

For more information or to purchase this product, please contact Mobility Engineering.

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