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Houdini 13 Harness

The Houdini 13 Harness is suitable for use on a single seat only and requires a gap between the vehicle seat and backrest for installation for the strap to be passed through. To fit the harness, easy access is required all the way round the seat back and underneath the base of the seat cushion.

The harness is fitted to the occupant using three press button buckles – all located behind the seat where the user cannot reach them.

The harness is not a vehicle restraint, and therefore the vehicle seatbelt must always be used.

Can also be fitted on wheelchairs and some easy chairs.

Important information for parents: The Houdini 13 Harness is a specialty product designed for occupants with disabilities and medical conditions. This type of product should be prescribed by an allied health professional, such as an occupational therapist and physiotherapist.

The Houdini 13 Harness is supplied by specialist disability suppliers and there are legal requirements to comply with when using it.

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Overview: Houdini Harness range

Supplier information

Medifab is the importer of the Houdini 13 Harness. Medifab has a large network of specialty disability suppliers throughout Australia. For more information about this product and to locate your nearest supplier, contact Medifab.

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