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National Survey

Project overview

Aim: To develop and implement a baseline and follow up survey to understand the knowledge and experiences of parents/guardians, health professionals and organisation representatives about transport for children with disabilities and medical conditions.

The results will help MACA to evaluate the effectiveness of our work to date, and to highlight where more work needs to be done.

Partners: Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services, MACA engaged the School of Allied Health, Curtin University, to undertake this research.

Years: The baseline survey closed at the end of May 2021. The follow-up survey re-opened in September 2023 and closed on 30 November 2023.

The challenge

There is limited research about transporting children with disabilities and medical conditions. This survey provides national data about the experiences, perceptions and knowledge of parents, health professionals and organisations about the transport of children with disabilities and medical conditions.

We’ll use the findings to inform, evaluate and improve our information resources and programs.

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  • Curtin University, together with MACA, developed three surveys targeting parents of children with disabilities and medical conditions; health professionals and organisations with responsibility or accountability for the safe transport of children with disabilities.
  • These groups were invited to complete a baseline (2021) and follow up (2023) evaluation survey.
  • Curtin University analysed the results of the baseline evaluation survey and published a research paper (see below).
  • Curtin University is currently analysing the follow up evaluation data and will prepare a report comparing the results.

Download the research paper

A paper based on the baseline evaluation survey data was published in the Scandinavian Occupational Therapy Journal on 18 May 2023.

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This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services

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