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All organisations need up-to-date policies and procedures

Our website is kept up-to-date in response to new research, best practice approaches and changes to policy, standards and legislation. MACA will be developing a range of policies to support your organisation or practice, like our buckle cover model policy.

Caring for our most vulnerable road users

Many people and organisations have direct responsibility or accountability for the transport of children with disabilities and medical conditions. This includes manufacturers, suppliers, health professionals, hospitals, private practices, schools, government departments, support workers, family members, taxi, rideshare and bus companies.

With so many involved in the child’s care and the vulnerability of these children as road users, there is a heightened need for all parties to have current policies and procedures in place. However, as there has been little research, and no national approach until MACA was established, many organisations and government agencies do not have appropriate policies and procedures.

Tackling a complex challenge

The situation for families is made more challenging by a complex regulatory and legislative environment that has not consistently considered the rights and transport needs of children with disabilities and medical conditions.

MACA is addressing these gaps by driving the research agenda and advocating for evidence-informed policies at an organisational, state and national level. We are working with road agencies to address gaps in regulation and legislation to ensure the rights of children with disabilities and medical conditions are met.

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MACA's Buckle Cover Model Policy

Buckle covers are an Assistive Technology commonly prescribed by allied health professionals for children with disabilities who get out of their vehicle restraint.

Even though these devices are often needed, and frequently used, there’s a lack of research and knowledge about their safety, features and appropriate use. This presents an unacceptable road safety risk for children with disabilities and their families.

MACA's buckle cover model policy gives allied health professionals knowledge and guidance on best practice approaches and legal requirements for prescribing child restraint and seatbelt buckle covers for use in motor vehicles.

This policy is still under development as some state and territory's do not have adequate legislation and processes in place to guide their safe use. MACA is continuing to work with each state and territory to support the safe and legal use of buckle covers.

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