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About us

Mobility and Accessibility for Children in Australia Ltd (MACA) is a registered charity driving research and development to advance the rights of children with disabilities and medical conditions to safe transport

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Currently, many families of children with disability don’t have access to the resources, support and products to enable their safe transport and participation in community. MACA exists to change this.

Our impact

MACA is leading a significant research and development program to advance research, knowledge, consumer information, product availability and training to improve road safety and community participation for children with disability and their families.

Find out how MACA's work is improving motor vehicle transport for children with disabilities and medical conditions by downloading our Impact Report.

Our vision and mission

Vision: Every child has access to safe and equitable transport.

Mission: To develop and deliver solutions for the safe and equitable transport of children with disabilities and medical conditions.

Our approach

We are an experienced team of road safety, policy, and allied health experts dedicated to achieving our vision by working with families, allied health professionals, researchers, industry, and government.

We operate at a local, national, and international level, advancing research and driving innovation to support safe and equitable transport of children with disabilities and medical conditions.

We translate this research into independent and practical information, resources, and training to strengthen the system so that it can better meet the transport needs of families of children with disabilities and medical conditions.

We value our independence which is why we do not sell products or align our organisation with particular suppliers.

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Strategic Plan 2022-2025

Learn more about our values, priorities and objectives.

What we do

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Our team

Our team cares deeply about making a difference and believe all people have the right to fully participate in all aspects of life.

Helen Lindner

As MACA’s founder and Chief Executive, Helen is a natural innovator and collaborator. She brings her extensive experience in early childhood, policy, road safety and leadership together to advance the rights of children with disabilities and medical conditions to safe and equitable transport.

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Emma Clarkson

A Director and founder at MACA, Emma has worked in road safety and the transport sector for the past decade. She also brings significant and diverse work experiences in health promotion, public relations, innovation and education to her role with MACA.

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Siobhan Cribbin

Siobhan is a Design Lead at MACA. Her background as an industrial designer has informed the way she has built the MACA brand to be user centred, accessible and engaging. Siobhan brings her deep practice knowledge of co-design, social innovation and systems change to all that MACA does.

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Let’s work together

At MACA we value collaboration and we’re keen to partner with organisations on projects, submissions and other opportunities to drive change.
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We pay respect to the Traditional Custodians of all lands, past, present & future. Honouring all Elders and nurturing all young people.