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Understanding road laws


When children are prescribed special purpose car seats, modified Australian standard car seats, specialty harnesses/vests, and other devices (e.g seatbelt buckle covers) there are specific road rules and vehicle standards that must be complied with in Tasmania.

The most common rules for Tasmania are summarised below.

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There are different rules for transporting children under 7 years, and children 7 to under 16 years, and in some cases vehicle standard exemption requirements to comply with.

If a child with disability or medical condition (under 16 years of age) is prescribed a special purpose car seat, modified Australian standard car seat, or harness/vest the following road rules must be complied with.

Seatbelt buckle covers

The Department of State Growth in Tasmania advises that the fitment of a seatbelt buckle cover means the seatbelt no longer complies with the relevant Australian Design Rules (ADR) applicable to seatbelts. This is because the buckle cover prevents the operation of the buckle release being performed in a single action, as required by the ADRs.

An exemption is required and may be issued for each specified vehicle to which the buckle cover will be applied.

To get an exemption the applicant (owner or registered operator of each vehicle) must complete both an application and prescription form for assessment.

For more information contact: Department of State Growth, Telephone: 1300 135 513

Advice to Parent form

MACA recommends an Advice to Parent form be carried in each vehicle the child travels in. In some states and territories, this is a legal requirement.

The MACA Guide, provided free to participants of our online training course, includes detailed information to assist prescribers in completing the form.

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Disclaimer: The Advice to Parent form is only for use by MACA trained professionals. MACA bears no responsibility for unauthorised use of this form.


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