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Western Australia

Forms and templates for allied health professionals

Complying with road laws and vehicle standards

On 25 September 2020, Western Australia introduced new laws relating to transporting children (under 16 years) with disabilities and medical conditions in motor vehicles.

The new law exempts a child with a disability or medical condition from travelling in an Australian standard car seat providing certain conditions are met.

Note: MACA is currently awaiting advice relating to the legal use of seatbelt buckle covers in WA. Refer to MACA's buckle cover model policy for more information.

Engineering certification requirements: MACA acknowledges there is confusion and mixed information regarding engineering certification requirements relating to the use of special purpose car seats. We are developing Product Guides (expected to be available in October) for each special purpose car seat which will provide clarity regarding requirements. If you need assistance in the interim please contact us.

Advice to Parent form

The Advice to Parent form, together with the medical certificate, must be carried by the driver in the vehicle the child is travelling in at all times.

The MACA Guide, provided free to participants of our online training course, includes detailed information to assist prescribers in completing the form.

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Prescribers' sample referral to medical practitioner

Provides standard wording to help prescribers write a referral letter to the medical practitioner for the purpose of assisting the parent to get a medical certificate.

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Sample medical certificate wording

Provides example wording that the prescriber can provide to the medical practitioner to support parents requesting a medical certificate.

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The forms and sample letter templates in this section of our website are strictly for the use of health professionals. MACA bears no responsibility for unauthorised use of these forms as this may place children at risk.


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