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Special purpose car seats

There are a range of special purpose car seats available in Australia, designed for children with disabilities and medical conditions


Special purpose car seats are designed to support the transport needs of children with disabilities and medical conditions, travelling in motor vehicles, when they are unable to travel in an Australian standard car seat.

Special purpose car seats come with an extensive range of features and cater for older and larger children (and adults), unlike Australian standard car seats which cater for children up to 10-12 years. These features can improve the child’s positioning, comfort and safety, with some offering a swivel base to help parents and carers transferring the child in and out of a vehicle.

Advancing knowledge and research

Special purpose car seats available in Australia come from overseas, and comply with overseas standards and regulations. To ensure we have independent knowledge about these car seats MACA has established the world-leading Australian Safety Assessment Program (AuSAP). This program assesses the safety and performance of special purpose car seats and aims to make sure that families of children with disabilities and medical conditions have access to suitable and safe child restraint systems.

AuSAP is currently finalising the results of a large assessment program, including sled-crash testing. The results will inform the product range published on our website and the development of Product Guides to support allied health professionals in their prescribing role.

AuSAP importantly aims to give parents greater choice in vehicle transport decisions that affect their child and family.

Common features

Larger vehicle restraint options

Special purpose car seats also offer larger vehicle restraint options than Australian standard car seats, catering for bigger children and adults (e.g up to 75 kilos). Australian standard car seats generally cater for children up to approximately 10-12 years of age.

Safe use of special purpose child restraints

All special purpose car seats have built-in harnesses. However, in some cases the built-in harness is provided for postural support only. This can be confusing as people may assume the built-in harness is designed to protect the child in a crash, and do not use the vehicle seatbelt around the child and the car seat. MACA's special purpose car seat product pages include this icon with those special purpose car seats requiring the vehicle seatbelt to be used.


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