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Crash tests

An overview of the special purpose car seat crash testing and findings


To date over 100 crash tests/assessments of 29 special purpose car seats have been considered by AuSAP. This has included a review of 22 previous sled-crash tests undertaken by VicRoads (the road agency in Victoria) during 2013-17.

The tests have been undertaken across three testing centres - Britax Childcare Pty Ltd, NeuRA (Transurban Road Safety Centre), and APV-T Test Centre. The earlier VicRoads testing was undertaken at Crashlab, NSW.

Ten of the products assessed have been published on MACA’s national product register, with more products expected to be published this year.

Products tested

Products are listed by Importer (Participant), Product(s) and (manufacturer - country).

Assessment process

Following testing and assessment the AuSAP Expert Committee reviews the AuSAP Test and Assessment Protocol's Parameter Assessments for each product. The Parameter Assessment assigns ‘good’, ‘acceptable’, ‘marginal’ or ‘not acceptable’ against each of the selected criteria tested, and is used as an internal guide for discussion by the Expert Committee.

This assessment process does not allow for direct comparisons between special purpose car seats, due to their often unique designs in providing for the needs of children with disabilities and medical conditions. This is unlike other independent programs, such as Australia's Child Restraint Evaluation Program which applies star ratings.

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Importer/manufacturer meetings

A key strength of AuSAP and its participants is a shared commitment to collaboration and learning.

Following review by the Expert Committee, the findings are openly shared at meetings with Australian importers and overseas manufacturers. It is reinforced in these meetings that AuSAP is not a certification program, and is using selected criteria from AS/NZS 1754 which is more demanding than the standards/regulations special purpose car seats comply with. Therefore we expect to find some results that the manufacturers have not experienced previously (e.g., component failure).

Where an AuSAP finding is not acceptable (e.g., product component failure, structural failure) the overseas manufacturer is provided an opportunity to consider changes to their product and follow-up testing.

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The following highlights the status of each product. Where a product requires further review, this may be due to a minor component failure, or a more significant finding (e.g., submarining of the dummy). In addition, since commencing AuSAP a number of products have been withdrawn from the Australian market or program, including the Quokka, Wallaroo, Spirit Car Seat, and IPS 2000 Series.

AuSAP is an ongoing program and this list is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect current results.

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